You see it all the time, “small business owners are cheap clients”. There’s a difference between cheap and lacking resources. Plenty of founders are denied funding, building something from nothing, and don't have the time to build skills to put out the quality that's necessary. This is a simple fact we can’t ignore. It’s the essential fact to why we created Crafted Essentials.

From the designers and developers at Crafted Studios. Keeping people moving forward since we’ve began.


Award winning design studio


Clients stay working with us longterm


Projects launched


Of clients saw an increase in bookings and signups.

Crafted for pre-seed founders & small business owners.

We felt the need to launch Crafted Essentials to give small business owners and solo-founders the marketing resources they need to accomplish big things without needing to spend months of revenue on a website.

Meet our Essential Team

Katrina Hussain

Web Designer & UX Developer

Chris Loggins

Webflow Developer

Dexter Washington

Founder & UI Designer