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It’s not just about profit with us. We care about passionate people like you building each day to grow your business. Which is why we aim for results with every project.

"Thank you guys for all the hard work on this, everyone is really happy with where we've gotten to. We’d recommend Crafted Essentials to business owners looking for a creative partner who cares".

— Alex Benson Marketing Manager, Solstice Grown (Prev)

Meet Alex, Marketing Manager at Solistice Grown. We helped them launch their sub-brand “Kaleidoscope”. We implemented a way to sell products w/o payment vendors.

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The results


Increase in Product Sales


Increase in organic discovery

"Working with Crafted Studios is a really smooth process. Dexter and his team communicated well throughout the whole process of building the website and really captured the image of our brand.  The flow of our new website compared to our previous one provides a great user experience and guided journey. Since launch we've seen an increase in traffic".

— Jalen Clarke  Co-Founder, BWR

Meet Jalen, Co-Founder of BWR. We helped Black Wealth Renaissance build a membership & e-commerce website for their award winning podcast. 🏆

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The results


Increase in Sign-ups


Increase in traffic and interest


Increase in podcast downloads

"Working with Dexter and the Team at Crafted was an absolute joy [...] all I needed to do was show up and be ready to discuss my vision. I’m extremely happy with the results, I felt seen and heard throughout the whole process. They took their time to ensure we aimed for results. Looking forward to continuing to work with Crafted moving forward."

— Daniel Hartz Founder, Sustainability Champions

Meet Daniel Hartz, Founder of Sustainability Champions. We helped Daniel bring his 127K Instagram following to a website that converts his sometime readers into active readers and loyal customers of his brand.

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The results


Increase in Email sign ups


Increase in affiliate clicks

"We really enjoyed working with Dexter and his team at Crafted. We didn't have a very clear idea of what our website should look like, but they took us through a process of understanding how to deliver our message in a way that our customers would respond. The build and development process was very smooth, Dexter and Chris were super responsive, and helped us understand how our website works. We would definitely recommend you work with Crafted on your next project!"

— Andrew Bowers Founder, Common Fiction

Meet Andrew, we helped him build a website for his creative co-working space Common Fiction. We optimized the site for organic reach & community building via SEO, free day sign-ups, and an email list.

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